WORLD GOTH DAY: ALL BLACK NOTHING!? Is The End Near For Our Favourite Fashion Trend?

On a post written on High Snobeity titled: 5 Fashion Trends That Will Die This Year, According to Retail Experts one of the trends that made the list was All Black Everything, or as they stated All Black Nothing.

Now, when I was growing up, if I am correct, I used to get teased for wearing nothing but black. I would get called an emo, goth etc but now all of a sudden, the tables have turned and it is now a trend?

Well … was.

London trend experts, EDITED said on: ‘Monochrome apparel has seen no growth this year, with 28% already discounted compared to just 16% for neutral tones.’

EDITED is a retail data analytics tool, we analyse the global online apparel market and report on product performance, and online communications to judge the strength, migration, and movement of a trend. It’s important to know that we’re not forecasting in the traditional sense but instead use our data to ascertain the key moments in a trend’s lifecycle.

Fran Sheldon, who works at EDITED said: “Two of our main key performance indicators are growth and discounting – we can measure growth by newness and market penetration (so measuring the new arrivals of products that match the trend credentials, and how the products are performing, a strong product will remain at the full price and with no discounts, and replenishment’s indicate a strong product too).

If a trend shows a decrease in new arrivals, an increase in discounting, a slowness to sell through, market saturation (it’s being sold everywhere!) and little replenishment, its a good indicator to our customers to be wary of the trend, or perhaps appropriate it differently for their own customer.”

We decided to let you guys decide and we started a Twitter poll. Let’s see the results:

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 16.44.19.png

So SAINT viewers, we can now confirm that ALL BLACK EVERYTHING IS HERE TO STAY!

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