Applying liquid eyeliner isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You have one eye that goes absolutely perfect and the other goes horrendously wrong and you end up looking a little something like this:

Credit: MemeSuper

And then you end up with substance in your eye than on your actual eyelid:

Credit: Giphy

Well ladies fear no more! Fern Chambers, a freelance MUA from Sheffield, has come to our rescue and has shared her secrets on how to achieve the perfect winged liner look.

“The first thing I would say is definitely the product you’re using – as even the most skilled of makeup artists will struggle to create that perfect wing if you’re not working with the right products. The easiest in my opinion to use, is a felt tip liner, (kohl is hard to work with for precision and liquid isn’t forgiving should you make any mistakes), they’re super easy to control and pretty forgiving should you want to wipe off any errors with a cotton bud.
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 22.20.56
Fern Chambers

The easiest technique to get your liner looking just right is to always start with the wing. Look straight ahead in a mirror and take note of the outer edge of your lower lash line – the wing should follow this line. You can even draw a few dots to create a guide for yourself. Follow this line upwards in the direction of the tail of your brow.

Then rest the liner on your lashes and use a stamping motion with the side of the liner tip to create definition on your upper lash line – then connect it to the wing to your desired thickness and voila.
EXTRA: If you want it super crisp you can use tape, just make sure to pop it on the back of your hand first to remove some of the tackiness. 
To finish your liner take a small synthetic hair brush (preferably flat at the end) and dip into concealer a shade light than your foundation to really crisp up that wing and make it pop.”
Here are SAINT’s favourite products you can use to help achieve that perfect winged look:
You can follow Fern on her Instagram here
Check out her website: www.fernchambersartistry.com

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