Sunderland artist and animator, Phoebe Shore talks to SAINT all about her inspirations. 

Phoebe Shore, 22 from Sunderland is an artist and animator. She tells SAINT all about her inspiration and her time at Whitby Goth Festival.

“I’ve been interested in art, specifically drawing, since I was old enough to hold a pen. Over the years my art style and subject matter has changed significantly due to my interests.When I was little I drew on literally everything – paper, important documents that were left around the house, the walls, myself and even my little brother. Growing up I used to write and illustrate my own short stories, usually about Disney characters or fairies. I was fascinated with animated TV shows and films, particularly that of Disney and Pixar, and I would spend hours trying to learn to draw all of my favourite characters.”

“Once I reached 11 years old I started to get into music more, and I took an interest in rock music in particular. I got my first computer when I started senior school and I used YouTube to find new songs and bands to listen to. I remember watching the music video for Lithium by Evanescence and being completely taken by the dark visuals. As I continued discovering my new passion for rock and metal music I was also getting into fashion, which reflected these interests. I started buying only black clothes and I would hunt down the most unusual items of clothing I could find on the internet. Around the same time I only got more interested in art but now my drawings were of skulls and vampires and less so of Disney characters.

At 13 I got my first graphics tablet for Christmas which fuelled my passion for art further. Every night I’d come home from school and spend the rest of the evening on the computer drawing and posting my work to websites like DeviantArt and iScribble, even if it meant skipping my homework.”

“I took graphic design for GCSE and began looking at the work of professional artists. Some of my favourite artists were Victoria Frances, a Spanish illustrator who typically draws and paints gothic looking women, and Anne Stokes who digitally paints dragons, skulls, fairies and other dark fantasy clichés. By this point my bedroom was black and purple, full of skull and dragon ornaments and had rock band posters all over the walls. I continued drawing vampires and monsters but I also learnt about anatomy and light and shading.
At A level my work took a slightly more mature turn and I began looking at the work of the Pre-Raphaelites. I did a project on stories and focused mainly on the women in them and how death was portrayed as a glamorous thing. For example, in John William Waterhouse’s painting of Ophelia, she is dead but still appears as a beautiful young lady. I did my own drawings based on Ophelia, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and other women in stories who die or appear to be dead. I learnt a lot about realism over this course and fell in love with portraiture, although my passion for animation never died.”

Phoebe at Whitny Goth Festival (INSTAGRAM: phoebe.shore)

“I took animation at University (Sunderland) and although I still loved portraiture I went back to my Disney routes. I still drew gothic characters and dark backgrounds but in a cartoon style. In my second year I made a music video about a boy who falls in love with a zombie girl but they’re separated by life and death.

At this point my inspiration came more from films and video games than actual artists. I love the work of Tim Burton, and this project in particular was heavily inspired by the imagery in Corpse Bride and Beetlejuice. My interest in alternative fashion and music also helped with the ideas for this project and I drew some ideas from the music videos of My Chemical Romance and other early 2000 rock bands as my music video was aimed at a teenage audience.

Nowadays I take more inspiration from fantasy based subjects. At the moment I am really interested in the work of Brian and Toby Froud, particularly the designs of their goblin and fairy puppets, and I have been taking inspiration from the artwork of games such as World of Warcraft and the Legend of Zelda. I’m still very much interested the alternative scene and recently went to Whitby for the April Goth Weekend and I’m currently working on a project based on some of the people I met there.”

You can view all of Phoebe’s work over on her Tumblr

Here are Phoebe’s inspirations:

Victoria Frances – Beautiful illustrations:

Aly Fell – Illustrator, has a gothic vibe to a lot of their stuff:

Alchemy Gothic (gothic jewellery company) They do some fashion items as well such as shirts and shoes but generally just jewellery.

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