We have been on the hunt for a while to find a dark bath bomb but all we could seem to find are brands in America or Australia and we thought that by the time we received them, they may not be as fresh.

In 2016, Lush introduced Metamorphosis to the UK but it was only available in the Oxford Street store in London or online.

While on a trip to London, we popped in and grabbed one and this is what we thought:

Eager to use this bath bomb, we all had positive thoughts about finally having our hands on this exclusive product. But how wrong were we.

Now, we’re not saying everything is bad about the bath bomb for example the spicy scent is incredible and rather refreshing.

The way that it surprises you by turning green, yellow and pink when it is half way dissolved is a really nice touch

But Lush, if you’re going to do a black bath bomb: MAKE IT ALL BLACK AND NOT WITH COLOUR PLEASE!

We have heard a lot of mixed reviews from this bath bomb a lot of negative comments on the colour of the water when the bath bomb dissolves saying that it is “ugly.”

SAINT can confirm that this is true, after a while, the bath turns an awful brown colour which is not pleasant to sit in and the after math of the black can still be seen on the side of the tub for days after. In the end, we used Loreal’s Tan Exfoliator to lift the black from our editors white bath. (Worked an absolute treat)


Northumbria Uni History student Harriet Gregan, 21 from Newcastle, bought this bath bomb as a treat for herself: “I saw that it was only available online or at Oxford Street and it made me want to buy it. I really liked the smell of it before I popped it in my bath but after a while, the colour it went was really off putting.”

We contacted Lush to see if this rather unusual bath bomb will be going nationwide. Customer Service advisor, Dean said:

“We don’t have any plans to bring it to the other stores yet but you never know what may happen in the future.”

We do hope that they plan to extend this to the North-East so we can have our dark fix everyday.

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