With five star ratings on, we knew that we were in for one hell of a night.

In September, Lawrence, Mat, Sean, Aaran and Adam announced that they were parting ways with their record label, we worried for the future of the band. On September 12, they announced the launch for pre-orders of their album and merch along with a PledgeMusic campaign to be able to fund it.

They said on their campaign page:

“After 10 years of dealing with the ups and downs of the music industry we have decided to continue our journey independently and self release our third full length album, available now for pre-order on PledgeMusic. All money raised goes directly towards funding the the new album, artwork, music videos, touring and everything that keeps our band alive.”

Releasing items on their page from band tops, vinyls and tickets and prices starting from £6.59 for a pin and going up to a massive £159 for a ring crafted from their guitar strings, the band were able to raise more than enough funds to be able to support the album and go on tour thanks to their fans.”


Unfortunately, we missed the supporting bands Fizzy Blood and In Hearts Wake as we arrived at 9pm. The venue was jam packed and we had to push our way through the enormous crowd to be able to get near the front. This wasn’t a problem when the mosh pits started happening and we were able to move even closer!

The crowd went wild chanting WHILE SHE SLEEPS until the heavy drums started and they kicked off the show with the tour title You Are We, the five piece band from Sheffield were defiantly experts in entertaining the crowd and keeping the atmosphere bouncing.

It wasn’t even 30 seconds into the first song and mosh-pits had already started and believe me they were pretty crazy. Then seconds later, people were crowd surfing!

They played a mixture of songs from their old albums Brainwashed, This Is Six and obviously from their new album You Are We.

A favourite was when they played Silence Speaks, which has nearly five million views on Youtube, the crowd went insane at Oli Sykes, Lead singer of Bring Me The Horizon bit.

Lawrence, the lead singer jumped from one of the speakers into the crowd and surfed … AND STILL CONTINUED TO SING!

Nicola Barron, 22 from Newcastle has seen WSS four times: “This was definitely their best show by far. The atmosphere was wilder than ever before and I can’t believe the band managed to do this tour off their own backs. It made it feel so sentimental and you could tell how grateful they were to their fans.”

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We highly recommend that you guys go and see this incredible band.

You can see While She Sleeps on their You Are We Tour at:

Wednesday 10 May: Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (Doors 18:30)

Friday 12 May: Asylum, Birmingham (Doors 18:00)

Saturday 13 May: Leeds Uni Stylus, Leeds (Doors 19:00)

Download their album here

Check out our videos that we shot when we saw them live!


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