You can never come to London and not go to Camden Market. It is a tourist hotspot filled with students, quirky shops and amazing aromas from the variety of cultural streetfood.

Tucked away in a corner near Camden Lock is a quirky gothic home ornament store called Alienate.

We popped in there to talk to Bob, whos friends own the business and he has been working there for 20 years.

The small but atmospheric shop really shows a lot of character and clearly fits perfect in its location in Camden Town.

“The people who own this shop are graphic designers and basically these are all traditional, grotesque gargoyles like the types you see on buildings such as churches.

We have a range of skulls. I like to call it my little goth emporium because we have frankenstein and dracula items and a variety of devils.

We get a lot of goths coming in such as goth dolls – that type of crowd and surprisingly a lot of tourists come in to buy bits and bobs to take back home with them for friends andrelatives.

These are all handmade by the owners who have a workshop in Bournemouth.”

Melanie Hardy, 47 from Glasgow is a regular customer to the shop:

“Every time I come to London, I always make sure to come to Camden. The atmosphere here is like no where else in the world. I come to London about three times a year as my daughter goes to University here.

I first discovered Alienate around a year ago and I immediately fell in love with the products they sell. My daughter and husband really like the store too so I always make sure to buy them a little something whenever I am here.

My house is filled with wonderful gargoyles and skull heads. It adds a touch of character to my home.

Alienate is a must place to visit when you are in Camden. You certainly won’t find a place like this anywhere else.”

You can find Alienate in Camden Market at:

33a Stables Market

Chalk Farm Road

Camden Town



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