The Coffin Club Bar & Grill REVIEW

Excellence with a side of cheese fries…

When we first heard about a new bar and grill we were ecstatic. But to find out that it is an alternative bar and grill, we were bouncing off the walls!

The Coffin Club Bar & Grill is located in Park Lane in the heart of Sunderland opened in December where Holy Smokes used to be.

We sent our Editor and three of our most girly colleagues along to see what it is all about.

“Walking up the stairs to the main bar, you could already feel the dark atmosphere of the place. We were so excited to try their burgers and cocktails that a lot of people had raved about in the town centre.

Greeted by a young man dressed smartly, he was very eager to show us to our table and had no problem with us wanting to change tables to sit in one of their famous booths lit by floating JD bottles with candles in them.

Handed coffin shaped menus, the shift manager proceeded to talk more in detail about alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that they offered. We were amazed at how creative the drinks names were. They had a variety of gory names from Mary Ann Cotton to The Ripper, all priced under £10.

Since we all had our cars, we were all on the soft drinks but next time we go, it will be purely for alcohol.

Once we received our soft drinks we ordered our foods, our Editor, Louise got the vegetarian burger called THE COLOSSEUM REX which was inspired by traditional Indian street food. It contained a handmade onion bhaji with mango chutney, Monterey Jack cheese, salad and garlic and herb dressing. All burgers come with a side of fries and slaw but she changed the fries to cheese fries for extra flavour (and an extra £2). Our other three colleagues all ordered the classic Coffin Club burger which was a beef patty with Monterey Jack cheese and their own unique sauce called ‘Dirty Burger’.

We waited around 20-25 minutes for our food but we didn’t really realise the time as we were all engulfed in deep conversation-mainly about food and we took in the dark interior of the Coffin Club. Hanging alcohol bottles and white painted signs made our booth feel very eery. Alternative music blared from the speakers and our Editor was in absolute heaven.

Our food arrived piping hot and before we even tasted any of it we were met with a lush aroma of meat and cheese fries. Our waiter asked us if we needed any additional sauces and he brought them to us promptly.

After taking many photos for Instagram, we were about to indulge in what has become most definitely the best beef and vegetarian burgers in all of Sunderland.

They were so soft and filled with rich flavours that we have never experienced. The onion bhaji as a burger was just genius and hats off to who ever invented that glorious mixture of foods.

The beef burgers were cooked to perfection and the juices from the meat oozed out onto the plate. The saltiness of the fries complimented the sweet taste of the burger bun and there were absolutely no faults to be found.

As we cleaned, well licked, the last remaining crumbs of our plates we were hungry for more. Well, we were full but we could not wait for our next trip to The Coffin Club Bar & Grill.

Danielle Puttick, 24 a masters student from Sunderland said:

“Food was amazing, huge portions but a little pricey. Staff were really friendly and very welcoming. It’s a very chilled atmosphere, from the way it’s lit and set out, huge booths so it’s great for large groups of people. They have metal music playing but not really on a high volume.

They have candles all behind the bar and on the tables, plastic skulls and ravens everywhere and around some of the booths at the back they have gothic arches With pagan symbols on, love it. My favourite thing is actually the girls toilets all set out like an Alice in wonderland theme.”

So if any of our SAINT readers live or come to Sunderland in the future, be sure you make a stop at this fantastic Bar & Grill. It will not disappoint.

Until then, here are a few photos that we took on the night that we went.

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The Coffin Club Bar & Grill

0191 447 2242

15-17 Derwent St

City of Sunderland
Monday-Thursday: 17:00-22:00
Friday and Saturday: 12:00-1:00
Sunday: 13:00-22:00

Follow The Coffin Club on:

Instagram: @thecoffinclubbarandgrill

Facebook: The Coffin Club Bar & Grill

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