This week, I was inspired by a recent Buzzfeed video where a woman went “emo” for a week. Since I already dress wearing all black colours, I thought I’d try doing the total opposite and go girly for a week. This means wearing NO BLACK CLOTHES! FOR A WHOLE WEEK! How am I going to do that when practically all of my wardrobe is filled with black clothes?

When I told my family about this idea they were pretty shocked and just laughed saying that I will fail within a day. Well SAINT viewers, I am here to tell you that I will NOT fail. I repeat, I WILL NOT FAIL!

DAY ONE: MONDAYIMG_0308.JPGCan my Mondays be made any worse? Yes, yes they can. Today SAINT readers is my first day of dressing girly. Yes, you read that right, I, Louise Barber, will be dressing girly for a week. Normally my outfits don’t take much planning as black and black go together like Ant & Dec but I found myself at 10pm on a Sunday night throwing clothes out of my wardrobes onto the floor trying to find something girly and not black.

My first outfit consisted of white ripped MOM jeans that I got for £10 in the sale from H&M and an oversized pink (yes I found something pink in my wardrobe) jumper also from H&M. I teamed them with some gorgeous faux snake skin boots that again I got in the sale from Marks & Spencer.

I curled my hair to make me look extra girly and left out my trusty friend of seven years, my Rimmel liquid eye-linear.

I received a lot of reactions of me, just not wearing black, but for wearing something pink. Am I really that much of a goth?

I was so excited to go home and take these clothes off and putting one of my many pairs of Harry Potter PJ’s on but no, I found a lovely set of black and white striped silk pyjamas from Primark that I stuck on with fluffy slipper socks. (A guilty pleasure of mine)

One day down, four to go.

DAY TWO: TUESDAYIMG_0357 2.JPGDay two, or what seems to be like the longest 48 hours of my life. I already miss my trust black ripped jeans and oversized Seoul jumper but hey, I’m not one to quit on a challenge.

So how is it really going? To be honest, I am not finding it as hard as I thought it would be. I’ve never really done something like this before and it is a real eye opener to what my fashion styling techniques can actually do. They can even transform the most darkest person in the world (me) into a girly girl.

I really liked my outfit today, the denim pinafore is one of my favourite statement pieces that I own; is it bad that I also own it in black? (Of course not)  The pink striped shirt added a bit more class to the outfit without looked over dressed. I am rather pleased with my self for owning something else that is pink!

I only lasted a day with out my liquid eye linear but I changed the strategy in how I put it on. I only did a thin line with a tiny cat wing and I really liked how it looked.

Today, I went out in the general public with my glorious outfit, well I only took my dog to the park, but still, I was not around the comfort of my university friends or family, I was alone-with my dog, a few park ducks and the winter/spring fresh air. I felt like a piece of meat being thrown into wolves I was that scared of wearing this type of outfit in public.

The reactions at the park filled with dog walkers was quite amusing. I could feel people staring at me as I definitely felt overdressed to be walking a shihtzu but I shrugged it off and felt rather happy that I was receiving a lot of attention. A young lady with a small infant came up to me and complimented my outfit! AN ACTUAL HUMAN BEING SAID THEY LIKED MY OUTFIT!

I left the park with a huge grin on my face. From that, my opinions towards this challenge are starting to change and I am rather enjoying it.

DAY THREE: WEDNESDAYIMG_0500.JPGThe dreaded day has come, the day I have been dreading all week. The day that I had to wear … a pink pinafore. I may sound over dramatic but this outfit is the most girl-iest outfit that I have ever worn. I wore my Primark pinafore with a silk white Topshop top, simple suede boots and a grey woollen coat from H&M.

Anywhere I drive, I either play my Korean music or alternative music, (I know, such a weird combination) but mostly I play A Day To Remember, Panic! At The Disco or old bands such as Elliot Minor, SUM 41 or Blink 182. Today I played neither, I played Little Mix. Now, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with Little Mix as I do know a lot of their songs but they are usually a band that I don’t play in my car. I just felt wrong to play ADTR Dead & Buried while wearing a bright pink pinafore, curled hair and pink lipstick.

This was the outfit that received a lot of reactions from my friends. They had never seen me dress so proper in their lives. Again, all I wanted was my black ripped jeans and my once clean black Converse but no, I just have to solider on.

On the evening, I went to a place in Sunderland called The Coffin Club Bar & Grill (review coming soon) and of course I changed out of my pink outfit and stuck something else on. Although, the only black thing I wore was my leather jacket as it was the only outfit that went and it was snowing outside. I teamed it with some old green check pants and the same silk white top that I wore earlier in the day. I kept my hair curled and added a red/brown lipstick. If I kept that pinafore on, I would have stuck out like a sore thumb.

I hope that tomorrows outfit is better.

DAY FOUR: THURSDAYIMG_0515.JPGThere seems to be a reoccurring pattern in my outfits this week. Twice I have worn some sort of pinafore and today was about to be the third. The only thing that I feel comfortable wearing while doing this challenge was pinafores and today I was excited to wear another Primark pinafore but luckily today this one was not pink.

It was a gorgeous burnt orange pinafore with brass buttons on the straps, I wore it with a H&M Kids striped long sleeved top and again my grey woollen coat from H&M. As today was a rainy day, I put my hair in a hair ponytail and curled the ends.

The reactions have started to fade now but I still feel that people are shocked with how I look. Especially with my hair curled. Normally, I just wash it and brush it (occasionally) but throughout this week, I have taught my self how to curl my hair and that is something I am rather proud of and I think every now and then I will curl my hair as it makes it look a lot thicker.


FINALLY THE FINAL DAY HAS ARRIVED! I AM SO HAPPY! But I have failed. Today, I was at the hairdressers going from light brown/ombre to a darker brown. With this, I didn’t wear any thing girly as I wanted to feel comfortable sitting in a chair for three hours.

I wore the green check trousers that I wore on Wednesday night, a Sons Of Anarchy oversized top and black boots. It is not as grungy as what I normally wear but I still felt a lot less girly compared to what I have been wearing during the week.

Overall, I think that the challenge went really well. I definitely felt a lot different wearing more girly clothes and pinafores.

I think that I will continue to wear a few of the garments that I wore this week, especially the burnt orange suede pinafore and the denim dress.

But, it is safe to say that from Saturday, I will be returning to my old ways and taking my black ripped jeans out from temporary retirement and wearing them to RISE in Newcastle.

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